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CognatrixImporter is a helper application for Cognatrix. It is compiled as a “universal binary” and runs on Mac OS X 10.4.5 (Tiger) and later. It is installed via simple drag-and-drop straight into your Applications folder. CognatrixImporter is fully self-contained and does not depend upon any database packages or third-party applications.

CognatrixImporter creates Cognatrix thesaurus documents from thesaurus data expressed in XML. It aims to provide limited interoperability between Cognatrix and the following interchange formats:
The native format generated by Cognatrix (conforms with the Cognatrix DTD).

Australian Public Affairs Information Service thesaurus data published by the National Library of Australia. See the APAIS web site for more information.

A proprietary format. See the Active Classification Solutions web site for more information.

A proprietary format. See the Multisystems web site for more information.

An open standard format. See the Zthes web site for more information.
CognatrixImporter works by building a representation of a thesaurus in memory, performing integrity checks along the way. For example, if A has a relationship with B, then B should have a reciprocal relationship with A. CognatrixImporter reports any departures from such rules. This feature alone makes it an invaluable tool for analysing thesaurus data.

You can experiment with CognatrixImporter using information that is freely available on the web. Follow this short tutorial:
  1. Download CognatrixImporter and install it on your Macintosh. It is free and no registration is needed.

  2. Download the THATT thesaurus from the Zthes web site. The file is in gzip format and can be unpacked with StuffitExpander®. At the time of writing, the uncompressed file was named "thatt.txt".
    The file on that site at the time of writing contains two XML errors which you will need to repair before CognatrixImporter can parse the file. Open the file in a text editor and search for the string "R&D". Ampersands have a special meaning within XML and this syntax is illegal. There are two instances of "R&D" in the file. Both must be replaced with "R&D".

    Alternatively, you can download a repaired version of the file by clicking here.
  3. Launch CognatrixImporter by double-clicking its icon.

  4. Select "Zthes" in the Format popup menu.

  5. Choose the Open... command from the File menu, then use the dialog to open the THATT thesaurus XML ("thatt.txt").

  6. CognatrixImporter will import the XML and produce a series of messages about the structure of the file. The CognatrixImporter user guide (see the Help menu) explains how to interpret the messages. You can review each message and inspect the associated XML in a text editor and decide for yourself whether CognatrixImporter's complaints are justified.

  7. Choose the Save... command from the File menu, and save the thesaurus with an appropriate name (the suggested default is "thatt.qid"). The resulting file is a thesaurus document that can be opened in Cognatrix.

Freeware Download